Long Sleeved Dark T-shirt

ggt0001revised011011_2_long_sleeve_tshirt-3It’s a rare person who makes it through life without regrets. For instance I still regret not asking sultry Mary Konvalin for a date when I was 17. But you my friend have an opportunity to avoid any feelings of disappointment by placing an order today for one of these finely made long sleeve dark colored t-shirts.

Like all of our shirts this one features a great looking caricature of Gilbert on the front drawn by Will Finn none other than the animator of Gilbert’s character “Iago” in Disney’s Aladdin. They come in navy (pictured) or black and are sized in slim, standard, or relaxed fit which should take away any apprehensions you may yet be experiencing.

Long sleeve t-shirts are great in cooler climates or cool summer nights and can even be used to cover those arm length tattoos you got in Belize which will no doubt be helpful when you go for your next job interview.

As the old man used to say they are a heck of a deal! At $29.99 you can order now and never look back.