Dark Hooded Sweatshirt

hoodie_darkFor kids today the hooded sweathshirt or “hoodie” is a must have fashion item. But even if you don’t count yourself as a card carrying member of the younger generation you’ll look great in this dark hooded sweatshirt. My neighbor’s Dad is 93 and he wears his everyday when he goes to the Bridge Club. He’s never actually made it to the club, but that’s another story, and at least he looks great while he wanders around mumbling to himself.

The artwork is by Will Finn who was the animator of Gilbert’s character “Iago” in Disney’s Aladdin. It’s $39.99 and made of heavyweight 90/10 cotton/polyester blend with a drawstring hood and comfy kangaroo pocket. Both the waistband and cuffs are stretch ribbed and it’s standard adult fit. Order now!