Baseball Shirt

ggt0001revised011011_2_baseball_jerseyBaseball: it’s America’s National Pastime! You’ll be the King of the Diamond in this high quality baseball undershirt. Each shirt is lovingly hand crafted by Gilbert himself in his attic workshop and delivered to your home, apartment, farm, ranch, cave, or minimum security penal institution, by former big league players in a custom built Maybach limosuine.

OK. Right. We don’t really know the actual name of the guy who makes them, (Gregg? George?) but they are a great high-quality shirt and come in several different styles, cuts and even sleeve colors. The artwork is by Will Finn who was the animator of Gilbert’s character Iago┬áin Disney’s Aladdin. Each one is made of 100% heavyweight cotton and has a contrasted neckline and 3/4 raglan sleeves.

Get the Full details when you order. You’ll always be a star in our league!*

*Please note: Gilbert Gottfried has never been to a baseball game