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For over 50 years Gilbert Gottfried has been performing his unique style of unfiltered stand-up comedy.  He began on the stages of New York City at age of 15 and in the years to come became known as “the comedian’s comedian” because his live performances put aside political correctness while he delivers jokes that know no boundaries. 

Within a few years Gilbert appeared on “Late Night with David Letterman”, “The Cosby Show” and for a short time as a cast member of “Saturday Night Live”.  He has also been seen on television on programs like “Celebrity Wife Swap” and “Celebrity Apprentice”.

Gottfried’s work in television soon led to roles in film. Most notable was his scene as business manager Sidney Bernstein in the hit sequel “Beverly Hills Cop II,” for which the New York Daily News said, “Gilbert Gottfried steals the picture with a single scene.” On the big screen Gilbert has also appeared in “Problem Child’, “Look Who’s Talking II” and “The Aristocrats” where Entertainment Weekly wrote that “out of the 101 comedians who appear on screen, no one is funnier – or more disgusting – than Gilbert Gottfried.”

After his stellar performance as the wise cracking parrot, IAGO, in the Disney classic “Aladdin,” Gottfried became one of the most recognizable voiceover talents, lending his voice to commercials, cartoons and films, including the PBS Series “Cyberchase.”

Gottfried has made numerous memorable appearances on Comedy Central Roasts and the Comedy Central series, “The Burn with Jeff Ross” and “The Howard Stern Show”.  Gottfried’s “Fifty Shades of Grey” reading (College Humor) received over 5 million views on YouTube.

Recently the documentary “Gilbert” was released revealing an unexpected side to the iconic comedian and his podcast ”Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast!” where Gilbert and Frank Santopadre interview Hollywood icons and  legends, continues to be downloaded by millions of people a month.   

Few comedians have had careers as long and diverse as Gilbert…and he’s still going.

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Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss: Part One

In the first part of a 2-part episode, Gilbert and Frank talk to celebrated actors and longtime Hollywood couple Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss about their seven-decade careers in front of (and behind) the camera, co-starring in a groundbreaking sitcom, co-hosting “Saturday Night Live,” meeting Stan Laurel and Buster Keaton and working with legendary directors Howard Hawks, Mike Nichols and Billy Wilder. Also, Jack Cassidy plays a superhero, Jack Benny exits “The Sunshine Boys,” Paula shares the stage with Hope and Crosby and Richard teams Burt Reynolds and Clint Eastwood. PLUS: Uncle Goopy! “Goodbye, Columbus”! Remembering Jim Hutton! Walter Matthau plays the ponies! And Richard and Paula gush over Gilbert’s James Mason impression! ... MORE

Kevin Pollak

Actor, comedian and impressionist Kevin Pollak joins Gilbert and Frank for a frequently hilarious conversation about the legend of Harry Houdini, the cinema of Barry Levinson, joining the cast of “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and sharing the screen with Tom Cruise, Robert De Niro, Jack Lemmon and Rod Steiger. Also, Steve Martin packs arenas, Walter Matthau hits on Sophia Loren, Don Rickles runs afoul of Joe Pesci and Kevin explains France’s affection for Jerry Lewis. PLUS: Anne Bancroft! “Morton & Hayes”! In praise of “Avalon”! Pranking Paul Reiser! Remembering J.T. Walsh! And Kevin wows the boys with impressions of Alan Arkin, Albert Brooks, Peter Falk and Jack Nicholson! ...MORE

Michael Nesmith Encore

To celebrate the upcoming Monkees farewell tour, Gilbert and Frank present this classic encore episode from 2015, featuring a rare interview with musician-songwriter-producer Michael Nesmith, who talks about hosting hootenannies, worshipping Bob Dylan, visiting swinging London, nailing his original screen test in October ’65 and his fondness and affection for longtime Monkees fans. Also, Michael pals around with John Lennon, pens a hit for Linda Ronstadt, hits the road with Dennis Hopper and (sort of) remembers working with Lon Chaney Jr. PLUS: “Easy Rider”! “A Face in the Crowd”! The genius of Bob Rafelson! The Monkees sell out! Roger McGuinn gets spiritual! And Jack Nicholson kills off the Prefab Four! ... MORE

Griffin Dunne

To mark the 40th anniversary of 1981’s "An American Werewolf in London," Gilbert and Frank present an encore episode with actor, producer and director Griffin Dunne, who talks about blending horror and comedy, teaming with Martin Scorsese and Sidney Lumet, the cynical cinema of Billy Wilder and the lives (and work) of Joan Didion and Dominick Dunne. Also, Jerry Lewis adapts Gore Vidal, Otto Preminger takes a bad trip, Griffin sneaks onto the set of “Gilligan’s Island” and Tim Burton (almost) directs “After Hours.” PLUS: Howdy Doody! “Who’s That Girl”! “The Panic in Needle Park”! The genius of Harry Nilsson! And the artistry of two-time GGACP guest Rick Baker! ... MORE


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